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Friday, July 25, 2008

Clever spamming technique...

Being interested in worldly news, and helped some what by my profession, I spotted a rather peculiar email titled "Cambodia declares war on Thailand". I was like, shit! I clicked it and guess what it read inside: 'Pictures of your wife cheating you click here'. Fuckin' hell. It's SPAM!!!
I browsed my bulk folder for similar titles and here's another few I unearthed:

'Hilary Clinton Sex Tape Shocker'
'Breaking News Headlines and Video'
'Horse kicks Harrison Ford in Stomach'
'JFK memoirs reveal affair'
'Pope shot in attack in Australia'
'Oil found in California - millions promised'

I admit I would've fallen for some of these headlines but it just goes to show how clever (or desperate?) SPAM techniques have become. Some of these losers actually pay attention to current affairs to make up enticing titles! Possibly one of the worst jobs ever huh?