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Friday, July 18, 2008

Racial damnation!

A colleague of mine broke a story yesterday about certain bars in 'Sanlitun' being ordered not to serve black people and Mongolians during the Olympics. It's caused quite a stir among our circles and the blogosphere with people desperately trying to confirm it.
The thing with black people is that police raided a bar earlier this year to clamp down on vice, but they seemingly only targeted black people. They even arrested the son of the Grenadian ambassador. Apparently, some blacks in the neighbourhood of Sanlitun are known to deal drugs.
Now, news of this is certainly going to rattle some cages. Although I'm sure my colleague is confident in his source, I really don't believe the Central Government would give such an audacious and racially discriminative order during such a multicultural and international event. Think of the backlash!! It would certainly put a dampener on China's 'coming out' party. (No, I don't mean China's gay)
As for the Mongolians? Perhaps because of many Mongolian prostitutes making their way here to earn some cash. They're kind of renowned in the vice circles in Beijing.