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Sunday, February 27, 2005

The New Ten Commandments

In the show 'The New Ten Commandments,' Channel 4 has commissioned a survey to ask what new commandments should be made according to today's society. Over 40,000 Britons took part and they have voted 'Treat others as you would like to be treated' as their upmost numero uno commandment.
Others include 'Be honest' at number 2, followed by 'Do not kill' at number 3. Additionally, over half of them also say that euthanasia and abortion can be considered exceptions to number 3.
While it's good to revise doctrines and laws according to today's changing world, I can't help but say how pointless this whole programme was. Not mentioning the gross inequality of those who voted in proportion to the entire British population (1:6000), the structure of the programme reminded me of those irrelevant 'Top 10' movie cars or whatever on Sky. "This is what you have voted for... this is what you think is the most important..." is what the presenter (John Snow) keeps repeating, trying to gain some personal reference with the viewer.
It's as if that suddenly people are going to wake up each day and indoctrinate themselves with these new so-called commandments. These, and the original 10 were wrought with loop holes and banal generalities. Yet Channel 4 packages them into PR-like mumbo jumbo while instigating competitveness between the popularity of each commandment. For goddsake, these are moral standards, not people's favorite sci-fi characters!
Commercialising on religion and people's ideas of moral standards is just wrong. Why don't broadcasters go up a level and do something constructive like ask how the EU constitution should be like. I bet John Snow's so proud to be Moses for the night, at least he didn't have to lug two stone tablets up a hill.