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Sunday, August 07, 2005

# It's a long way to East Asia

Well the lads and I have decided on a trip to East Asia in September. You can see our plan of action above. Such a trip no doubt would cost a small fortune, we're thinking of at least 2000 euro budget. Travelling expenses flying from Hong Kong to Beijing, to Tokyo and back to Hong Kong would be something like 600 euro, that's excluding of course the actual flight to Hong Kong from London which is about 700.
I personally don't wanna go to Japan since I went there 3 years ago, although it would be fun to go with the lads I just don't think it's worth the money, after all Tokyo is one of the world's most expensive cities! So I might just chill in HK after China.
I'm working over time for the time being, but hopefully by the end of August I'd have accumulated at least 2500, plus the additional money I have saved up here and HK.
Oh I can imagine the amount of stares Patrick would get from the locals, a pale man (gwai lo) with brimming red hair! Even funnier if he wore shorts.. Seamus on the other hand is a tall (also pale) with blonde hair- he was actually mistook for Prince William when we went to Guanzhou (South China) 2 years ago! No doubt he'll relish in his pseudo-fame when we get over there.
Luckily for me my foot is healing up nicely, I had a serious fungal infection for the past 2 months and I could barely walk, so you can see how worried I was when we decided to trek around Asia in my condition. So two weeks ago I visited a famous Chinese herbal doctor Zhe Wang in town and he gave me some herbs which have really helped. It's funny though because he says I won't be able to eat foods like beef, duck, pineapple or eggs for the time being because it aggravates the skin? And worse that I can't drink alcohol!! Oh well I guess sacrifices have to made to get rid of this fungal shit forever.