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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Slan leat World Cup 2006..

Well it's 5am and i've just returned from a dreary-eyed Delaney's pub in Tsim Sha Tsui. Apart from the boisterous English behind us watching their game (at least they saw some goals), it was good atmosphere in the pub as Scots, Americans, Chinese and other Brits filled tonight's audience.
It was truly a night to forget for all Irish fans as we failed to beat the stubborn Swiss and hence ending our World Cup ambitions next year.
Could Roy Keane and Damien Duff have made a difference if they were on the pitch tonight? Either way the team's performance was once again sub-standard- Morrisson and Keane didn't even make a dent in the Swiss defence, the flanks were poorly supplied by the likes of Harte & Kilbane while the defence was slippery to say the least. And all in Landsdowne Road on such an important event! Even Bertie and the President were there.
By far, the Swiss were the better team with the better chances. The only decent shot by Ireland was a header by Kilbane straight into the keeper's arms.
Looking back on our qualification stages, the Irish team have proven to be world class and yet can spiral down so easily into a shabby disorganised team in other matches. With only one loss against France and predictable wins against Faroes and Cyprus, our constant draw games really costed us.
Brian Kerr's tenure can't last much longer now. Carr and Kilbane have also been dodgy lately and I really want to see them permanently replaced. Harte, Holland and O'Shea need to get their act together as they constantly fail to support the attackers.
Oh well another 4 years..