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Friday, January 27, 2006

Personal update

Well I've finally got off my arse and pulled the finger out... which personally means I've started editing my WTO documentary. So far i've completed the satirical 40's P.S.A. style intro and the proper intro with that powerful Massive Attack song 'The Dog Obeys.' Now comes the hard part of sorting out the 20 hours of footage and constructing a linear documentary. I've been watching Big Noise Film's material and it's been very influential, but I still lack any real inspiration. But I'll give it a shot anywho.
I've sent in CV's to TVB Pearl and various magazines. My first dissapointment came when the position as Video/TV technician at HKU was already filled. I wonder if I would've got it nevertheless. Now that Lunar New Year is around the corner perhaps I'll try my luck then. According to the Chinese fortune telling, this month and the next is a great time to find employment, plus the financiers say the economy seems to be improving (but what would I know!)
Went to see 'Fearless' with Jet Li, the apparent biography of legendary martial arts hero 'Huo Yuanjia.' The film and direction were great but the storyline was unoriginal, but nonetheless it held its ground due to its content. The fight sequences were coreographed none other than by Yuen Wo Ping and I've longed to see Jet Li doing his 'Wong Fei Hung' style fighting again. Don't get me wrong the style in Danny the Dog (aka Unleashed) were great in their own way. However the film itself was annoyingly patriotic and demonised foreigners. Once must think if this complements China's rise to power. But then again in the movie, the patriotism led to the establishment of the Kuomingtang.. so maybe the Commies can't ride on its back after all. And what the hell, I didn't know Ronny Yu the director was behind the abomnibal Chucky movies and 'Jason vs Freddie'!
Mom's coming next week so hell I better make the place spick & span for her arrival!