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Friday, March 10, 2006

Weekly update

For the first time I paid to get a 'hexing' ritual... otherwise known as 'Jingzhe' to protect me from vicious gossip. Petty people beware!

Went on a rollerblading photo shoot. We popped by some of the well known HK areas such as Bank of China and IFC. Funny seeing those 'aul security guards shooing us off.

A dissapointment to see my video for New Idol group chopped into a piece of crap. All the effort I put into it! It was cut down to 4 mins from 8, but the issue was the music wasn't cut proportinally so you had jumps like every few seconds.

Finally got a draft of 852 on paper. 25 pages in 2 days! So hopefully it'll pay off somehow. Hate to see all our effort wasted.