[chinese blood, irish heart] - DEFUNCT: 'Conventional Hall' exhibition

Monday, April 03, 2006

'Conventional Hall' exhibition

After a whirlwind editing blitz, I finally completed my WTO documentary in 3 days. Luckily my arts editor sent me on an interview errand with a photographer/film maker who's hosting and exhibiting his work at the 'Convention Hall' exhibition at the Shanghai Street Artspace. The exhib allows ordinary people to showcase their films and photography. Of course i didn't relinquish the chance to show off some of my stuff. Some of the were impressed that they might ask me to come back to join their panel discussion... gotta think of interesting quotes to say!
What a spot of bad luck recently though, I got to the Shenzhen border when I realised my ID card is missing. After ploughing through my house I'm gonna report it missing to the cops. Oh yeah and my phone fell down the poxy toilet. It's well beyond use now!