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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Female of the species in Hong Kong

Transcribing Newsline was interesting for once!
Last week's show discussed women's rights in Hong Kong in the wake of the women's rights summit in Cairo.
According to women's group Harmony Hill, they reckon a sexual harrassment case is filed to the police every hour... Conservative estimates put that number to one every three hours, while police sources say once every seven hours.
Yeah well which ever's true that's a pretty serious situation! Of course that doesn't all mean rape and assault but in any case they were serious enough to be reported to the police.
Another issue is economical - which is nothing new as it's well documented that females get less pay, if not have to put in more work to earn the same level.
Mothers or soon-to-be mothers are naturally disadvantaged to us males. Especially so if they can't hire domestic workers.
But females are seeing this and they're changing their approach. As a result birth rates are dropping across the field. An older population means more burden for social services.

But anyway here's my bone to pick - the new high-rating TVB cantopoppy show called 'Beautiful Cooking' or '美女廚房,' with three young strapping hosts accompanied by four cute chicks dressed as chefs, who's only obvious skill is left to our imagination (their nicknames are congee, pasta, noodle and rice). Apart from silly dancing moves their only lines are cutesy drivel, amking them sound like fucking cartoon characters (OR OBJECTS!!)
The jist of the show is having pretty female cantopop guests trying to recreate difficult dishes... with *surprise*, complete failure and hilarious results.
Do you think if the sexes were reversed the show would work? Of course not. Because males in this society don't like to be seen failing at anything practical... not to mention that it solidifies the woman's presence in the kitchen.
Like all societal problems, one must recognise the media's involvement first.
Unfortunately this show is only subtedly slanderous, unlike Commercial Radio's recent online poll that asked for your "favourite female popstar you'd like to molest," the incident that prompted that edition of Newsline.
But would most women here rise up for their rights? Hmm let's see the big groups there are that might take the fight:
1. Schoolgirls swamped with homework?
2. School dropouts that work in boutiques when not shopping or chasing after popstars?
3. Mothers with duties?
4. Middle aged women who work at noodle shops?
5. The 'young' strong woman trying to climb up the corporate ladder?
6. Old women pushing trolleys looking for cardboard?
I don't think you'll get a lot of these taking up the sword. It's all going to rest on a selective few who work for NGOs or civil servants.
It may seem odd for men to help boost women's rights (ya know cos image is everything), but they can go behind the scenes and change how the media works around the issue. More balanced coverage, more documentaries, more of those crappy TVB series that highlight these issues.
Although i've written from quite a detached perspective, I do support sexual equality, it's something we need to strive just like HK deserves Universal Suffrage.