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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Thinking about my future descendants

Everybody's talking about the environment and global warming these days, but they just talk the talk - can they walk the walk?
Anyone who doesn't believe our world is going through such epic change caused by humans is not only a sceptic, but an enemy to every inhabitant of our planet. Next in line are the greedy ones who just can't sacrifice their profits for a better enviornment.
Over the past years we've seen horrific disasters caused by nature - some televised, some not. While some have been contested whether they were caused by global warming. But in any case, the frequency in which these events occur and in such a rapid time frame can only mean that our environment is undergoing some tough change.
Here in Hong Kong, talking about air pollution may see cliched, but it's still a topic that plagues everyone's mind. Everyday the weather report mostly indicates the API at medium to high. The roads, espcially Nathan Road which is only a few metres across from my window, is constantly spewing out pollution. What's the point in spending millions fighting pollution in HK when there's Guandong's manufacturing base across our border, spewing all their filthy air towards us? China may be soon becoming the world's largest economy but it's also going to become the biggest energy consumer, hence biggest polluter. Most of their power is derived from coal - the worst CO2 expellant and also the cheapest. China has still a lot more growth to achieve, I don't see them using renewable energy anytime soon.
But despite that, Americans still use an average 7 times more energy than Chinese families. Bush may have rejected Kyoto but that doesn't mean they don't want to fight global warming. Many towns across the US have enacted their own 'green' policies. But like all of us, it's their habits they have to combat. Cheap oil and their car culture make lethal partners. You've got 16 year olds getting their first cars, small dicks driving humvees and fucking Nascar racing - drinking beer while watching cars go in circles - yeah great.
Fighting the war against global warming means fighting ourselves - our habits, our energy consumption, our very way of life (in the western world at least). This is going to be mankind's greatest fight for survival, as ironic as it all sounds.
Is there hope? How many more disasters till we get this apathetic world to rid their petty political squabbles and fight global warming together?
All this terrorism hype and religious strife is getting in the way. The strive for profits has always been a factor and it's done nothing but polarise our world further, not to mention that global warming would hit the poorest, hardeset. Further droughts in Africa, flooding in south east Asia and deforestation in the Amazon.
I try my best to be 'green.' I use less power, I recycle, I don't use plastic bags and have never owned a car. But i'm sure there's a lot like me who think themselves as powerless while a majority of the population still treat our world as a dumping ground. That's why it's going to take a lot of guts, sacrifice and leadership to fight global warming. You've got all the best football players doing a fucking ad for Adidas, why don't step up to say something about our environment? The World Cup has invited billions of dollars in advertising... and for what? Think of how much good that money could've done not only for the environment, but also for charities, foreign aid and disadvantaged communities?
I'm so worked up about this topic is because it's fundamentally caused by us humans, be it intentionally or inadvertantly. I can't bear but feel angry that even while I type this, my computer is consuming energy undoubtedly from one of CLP's coal powered generators, in turn which is churning out tonnes of CO2.
I hate how life has become this vicious cycle.
I hope in the future my descendants will look upon my generation and say to themselves how barbaric we are... just like how we view people back then in medieval ages. They deserve to hate us for giving them such a volatile world - more flooding, deforestation, droughts, famine, displacement and over dependance on oil. They'll have one big mess to clean up.