[chinese blood, irish heart] - DEFUNCT: July 1st - MARCH FOR UNIVERSAL SUFFRAGE!

Monday, July 03, 2006


What a scorcher... 32 degrees with maxium UV intensity... but that didn't stop the droves coming in.

What other place than Hong Kong would you have thousands of people marching through bottlenecked streets?

It was a fairly peaceful assembly. The only real thing that got me agitated is the fucking cheebye photographers (no doubt from newspapers) slowing down Anson Chan's entrance into Victoria Park. Why must they be so fucking inconsiderate? It's fucking sweltering hot and people are waiting to start the march and here you have to reserve your little spot so you can get a good shot. How many could you fucking need?? It's not as if Ms. Chan's going to do something spectacular down the road... but fair play to her she was unusually cheerful. I don't know who that young woman was marching with her but damn she was hot.

Once I was finished, I didn't realise there were still so many punters shopping around, especially in Sogo. Granted it was a public holiday and HK'ers have no better hobby than to spend, but for godsake there's thousands just outside marching for a better democratic HK and here you are cherrypicking the sales basket... I really do wonder if the majority of people want democracy, much less DESERVE it.

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