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Saturday, August 05, 2006

Back on the road...

Feels good to be back on projects and filming... It's been too long! The last project I did was for New Idol Group's annual party... which sucked in the end because they edited down my video - in the end it had some horrible jumps and incontinuity. Argh, but it's okay because I have the original on my showreel.
Just started doing this short documentary on graffiti in HK. Our aim's a bit blurred atht the moment, we just got to see how things go with the artists themselves, a fair few of them are quite media shy.
So far our team is:
Me - D.O.P., co-director + editor
Cassandra - Producer and P.A. (she's a film noob)
Emma - Director, Producer and editor
Manami - D.O.P. and co-director

Manami's a freelance producer who's pitching some interesting ideas to Discovery Channel and BBC that we may collaborate; one's about lesbian culture in HK and this South African training for a gruelling 1,000km walk across Alaska.

But best of all... I'm gonna get my sweet new camcorder next week... *more drooling*