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Friday, October 20, 2006

Stubbed Out!

Well Hong Kong, join the smoking ban club.
As you may or may not know, the green Emerald Isle with which I hail from was the first country to enact a smoking ban law.
Yesterday with a majority show of hands, Hong Kong legislators approved a bill to be enacted on January 1st of 2007.
Now it's a matter of enforcement... how many teahouses and 'cha chang tengs' (little restaurants?) are out there? Way too many for one thing. Die-hard smokers will be tough to budge. Will the weary, underpaid staff be up to the challenge of locally enforcing it? Tough to say also. But hey, if us fiery Irish can hold our end of the bargain, why can't Hong Kongers?
Tell you one thing though, there'll be more smokers on narrow and crowded paths.
It'll be funny to see all the chuppies hanging outside bars, even more ironic at the Irish pubs!
I don't know if it'll apply to HK, but in Ireland, but hanging outside bars/clubs to smoke has become a sort of new pseudo-culture, where the segregated can find comfort in each other - aswell as hooking up with new friends and more.