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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Pig farmer to give up porcine ways

Here's the latest video report I did:
It's about a pig farmer, Ng Ping-leung, a former camerman at Cable TV, who runs Ng Man-kee Pig Farm in Fanling.
The Hong Kong government is seeking to get rid of livestock farming due to fears of bird flu and swine disease, and have offered farmers cash incentives if they gave up their operating licences.
However a new intiative to promote organic farming is quite interesting; the AFCD is supporting those who are making the transition to growing organic fruit and veggies, and about 20, including Ng are taking up the offer.
At the moment, he still has about 100 pigs left, but he's already erected two greenhouses to accomodate bitter gourds and cantaloupes. If the stuff's good for the upcoming harvest, he'll invest HK$1 million in converting the 10,000 sq foot farm into a blossoming organic garden.
Let's hope his success will encourage others to join up, and for us to have more choices than dodgy mainland produce.