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Saturday, August 09, 2008

Welcome to a hazy Olympic dawn

Well it's finally here and I've got to say I was more anxious than excited about the Games' opening. Lousy work caused me to miss most of the opening ceremony. Though I was at Wangfujing underneath the big screen during the countdown. It was good to be part of the crowds at such an important moment rather than watching it at some dingy bar.

This week has been fairly brutal, but expected: From waking up at 2:30am to go cover the torch relay at the Great Wall to rushing to Tiananmen Square for an ad-hoc protest by Tibetan activists. My angle now has been adjusted to cover any protests or 'undesirable' scenes that the Chinese authorities don't want people to see.

Speaking of that ad-hoc protest, it was led by five foreign activists from Students for Free Tibet. A rather audacious protest and surrounded by patriotic Chinese. Unfortunately I couldn't get there in time but managed to snag the group's founder for an interview at the Square. John Hocaver says non-violent protests will continue. I wonder how many people he's got? Are we going to see droves of foreigners being deported throughout the Games? Anyway, I'm just glad I've finally done a video that gives a different perspective.