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Monday, January 12, 2009

First of all happy new year to all you stragglers on the Internet (and mom & dad). Here's to more financial turmoil and mass layoffs! Cheers!!

Just like to make a comment about astrology:
I rarely read my own Sagittarian readings nor take them seriously, but I did happen to bump into a 2009 reading in last week's Sunday Magazine. It said that starting from January 25th, Sagittarian's ruling planet (or dwarf planet I should say) is moving out of my alignment for the first time in 13 years and into Capricorn. Pluto symbolises many things like death, life and change. For better or worse, it certainly means a tumultuous period for Sagittarrians from 1995-2008. And how lucky I guess considering this alignment happens once every 248 years.

So after I read this, and corroborated the information by some fancy Google browsing, I put the magazine down and just stared into my previous 13 years: I could say there have been many unique external factors that have pushed me to where I am today. Take my sudden onset of eczema in 2005 for instance. That's caused me to make the dramatic leap to Hong Kong and forced me to take a more proactive look on life. Now, as 2009 dawns (and referring to Pluto now edging away), I can safely say my skin condition has improved dramatically and I'm no longer bound by this (and still mysterious) ailment. Perhaps this is the finale to my transformation caused by Pluto?

Yes, yes I know, it's probably all bullshit. But if you're me you can't help but calculate all the stuff that's happened and the choices I've made since 1995 till today and wonder if it was all because of this little fucking dwarf Pluto... Well, I've got about 13 days left of Pluto's grace before it moves onto its next customer, so let's see what wonderful cosmic bolts of life comes my way till then.