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Saturday, November 01, 2008

Latest musings

Hello cyberworld... I find myself updating less and less these days. It can be seen as a good thing really, i.e. less moaning, heh.... ugh.
Still have that yearning to get out there and do something spectacular and resounding. If it means travelling to the ends of the Earth then so be it. I'm ready at any moment, just like a cougar pouncing on his prey when the opportunity comes.
But at the moment I'm concentrating on training for the half-marathon at Angkor Wat next month. So much so I've developed a special playlist for when I run. Some best examples include: 'The Boondock Saints Theme', 'Bombs - Faithless', 'Clubbed to Death - Rob D', 'Phat Planet - Leftfield', 'Right Here, Right Now - Fatboy Slim', 'Motown Liar - A Roller Control' (awesome new Hong Kong electro band) and 'Keep Hope Alive - The Crystal Method'. Not only do these songs get my blood pumping but their pace & rhythm keeps my breathing at a regular pace too. I do doubt I can run 21km at the given average time though, yet I'm well aware I always do things the hard way, or as in learn the hardest way. The mode of thinking being that since this is my first marathon, I should start with say, 10km. Actually, 15km would be perfect but if you're going to aim then aim high I say.
My friend from Ireland is starting to shoot his beloved pet project short film tomorrow and of course I've volunteered the whole weekend to help him out. It's good to see someone's doing their 'grand project'. Makes me think about what mine would be. I guess I'm still shopping around. To date, I haven't single-handedly produced my own feature, photo essay or documentary. I really don't attribute it to lethargy, but I really, really don't have any inspiration! Perhaps I've been too stupefied by 'working' too much. My interest in video is waning thanks to that. Some say it's naive to 'wait till something comes by' while others say 'trying is the first step to failure'. Well, what ever I'm waiting for or hoping to try, I shall indubitably give it my best.