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Monday, May 09, 2005

# New York, New York...

So I've been set up for an internship in Manhattan with PAL Television East. Quite a change in what I had planned originally; wandering around Europe and Russia. But that's because I had no goal or objective, just wanted to get lost for a while.
Now that this is a golden opportunity to work with the professionals in the media industry (and in Manhattan of all places!), I can't turn away from it. Then again I may just be serving fucking coffee all the time. But I gotta start somewhere right?
Pity I don't know anyone personally in New York, wonder if I'll be able to handle the NY attitude. I wish someone was going with me, damn you Seamus!! Just because I couldn't get him a job in the same place I'm in, he's willing to give up the chance to be kickin' it in Manhattan and rather spend the summer working in a dingy newsagent.
Now I gotta scrounge the net looking for a place to stay.. rent is pretty cheap in Upper Manhattan, but that's where all the dodgy places like Harlem is... I don't wanna get mistaken for a Chinese triad! (ya know wit my bleached hair, tattoo & scar- it won't be the first time)
Prolly have to find a part time job too depending on how much I can borrow.
But it'll be cool to get away for the whole summer, haven't done that in ages, and where better than New York city! I always say i'm glad to get out of this shit hole... but I just know I'll get terribly home sick. Dublin rocks man (and the other 25 counties) and just like any love relationship, it's good to have some time apart.