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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

What's so gr8 about Live 8?

Live 8 means well, but its ideals are hollow and ineffective.
'We don't want your money, we want you' is a good sincere statement to raise awareness but what can 'you' do but give charity? The fact that loads of rich celebrities and musicians were involved to raise awareness is a joke, their vast fortunes put together can do a lot to alleviate poverty.
And why bother raising awareness in poverty in Africa when it's already common knowledge? Aren't those Trocaire or Concern ads not enough to reminds us? Or the news on Rwanda and Darfur? All of a sudden it's trendy to wear a white bracelet to show others you know. Well done dumbasses.
Even if G8 leaders decide to drop debt and double aid, it'll still take a long time and many resources to eradicate poverty in the 18 poorest countries. What about corrupt officials, government sponsored violence, rebel gangs and criminality? These factors are just as important in alleviating poverty. And no amount of Live 8 concerts or protests can get rid of them.
Well at least they got Pink Floyd together once more!