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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

It's a bitter sweet day

Well last exam is over and done with.. pretty good considering I did feck all study. I knew the topics on a personal level so I took a risk in seeing if I can answer them from my own knowledge. We shall wait and see! Although I'd hate to come crawling back for a repeat exam..
I'd be more happier today were it not for the fact I had some dodgy take away for lunch that was 3 days old.. didn't feel good at all, not to mention to extreme tiredness, so I passed on a night out. Might aswell save up and wait for the big bash on Friday!
It'll be sad saying goodbye but it's gotta be done. The past 3 years flew by and we've went through a lot (or not enough!).
Paddy- i'll miss your gwai-lo ass,
Aoibhinn- your sweet sweet voice,
Nick- that incredible trick with your arms,
Wardie- your generous cigarettes,
O'Cleary- your 'welllll',
Ted- that horse smell that makes me sneeze,
Kathy- your promotion nights,
Coonagh- the way you think everything sucks,
James- your vietnam stories,
Caroline- your crazy personality,
Chris- well I'm sure I'll hear you plenty on Newstalk 106!
Haysie- you're a good guy, hope you find what you want in life,
Grace- I wish you nothing but the best things in life.
Hope to all you guys again at Graduation in December.
Kinda surreal now that student life is over, now we gotta make something of ourselves.
But first enjoy the summer! All that stands in my way now is getting past immigration in New York airport!