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Friday, September 02, 2005

It's official, I have eczema...

When I went to Japan 3 years ago, I had walked so much that my toes was cut from the inside of my shoe from walking too much! When I came back home I noticed some blisters had been growing on my toe. Went to the GP and said it was Athlete's foot. So a year later the blisters had grown symmetrically and was becoming a pain. Went to see a Chiropodist and said it was a viral infection so I used an ointment for the next few months. Seemed to work for awhile but this summer it had gotten considerably worse. So bad that I could barely walk and the same thing was happening to my hand.
So finally this week I went to our family's GP and have been officially diagnosed with 'Pompholyx Eczema.' Well well.. after 2 years I finally know.
For half the summer i've been limping because it had grown viruently on the sole of my foot. That equals no running, sports and a lot of stress. After being denied a US visa for the third and final time, the frustration and anger may have been a precursor. In mid-July I went to see a Chinese herbal doctor and I followed his treatment for about 4 weeks. Although there was improvement, it flared up soon after. So I felt quite distressed.
Now the same thing is happening on my hand. I was surprised at how quickly it spread so now i'm shitting myself whenever I see a teeny blister anywhere on my limbs, knowing it might flare up in the near future.
So i'm following a strict treatment regime now. It's so tiring and stressing that I had to take some leave off work. What's worse is that I'm going travelling next week and I hope I can improve my condition.. for a while. So that's why I'm staying at home full time to take care of this situation. I know eventually I'll have to live with this new condition. It's frightening to know that I have to live with the prospect of eczema flaring up at any given time. Even more painful that it cannot be cured entirely but controlled.