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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

A week later..

Well my foot has pretty much healed up now. But I'm still moisturising it and taking care of it in case it flares up again.
As for my hand there's still some healing up to do. Fortunately the blisters don't particularly itch or hurt.
I've begun wearing cotton gloves everytime I go out so that'll take some time getting used to.
I've been so distressed for the past few weeks that I hadn't had much fun or time to socialise. I've noticed that whenever i'm in a conversation I seem to be low on breath and can't focus too well.
Went for a blood test today and hopefully when I get the results tommorow, we'll know for sure what type of disease I have.
Well after much debate and thinking, I have decided to go ahead with the trip. For the past few days I've been eating more healthier and cut out dairy products, most meat, sugary stuff and alcohol. So now i'm stocking up on fruits, vegetables, lean chicken and plenty of water. I've also been taking baths with dead sea salt, I heard that has good healing properties for skin and really relaxes you. That's done wonders for my mood and i'm confident enough now to go along with the trip. Wish me luck!