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Thursday, April 13, 2006

HK Magazine internship ending

Well it's been a fun 9 weeks (with one more to go)- full of ups and, er, downs.
Met some fun and good-natured people to work with, especially so cos i haven't been in an english-speaking environment on a regular basis since I left home.
By far Adam White (many readers for the past 6 or so issues will know him well at this stage) has surely benefited and is now a temporary staff writer! Sucks with the reduced pay though, as if it's not low enough for a permanent writer.
As for me, the only thing I benefited from the internship is the decision to not go ahead with my Masters course later this year. Heh and i'm not sure if that's still a good decision considering i'm still frantically looking for work. I've written one feature to which was drastically altered- a bad experience for a first timer like me, but then again it was my fault for not being there the next day due to my FUCKING skin problem... But I had fun doing all the crazy Streettalks as i've seem to acquired a particular trademark.
Honestly i'm not too worried about HK not hiring me. During the course of the internship I felt I might'nt be up for the task as staff writer. The only things I do proficiently are Streettalks and Last Week in Realities. I can't read too much Chinese so that's a disadvantage for them. It'd be cool if I was a part photographer and part everything else- Where, List, HK... to put me solely on HK wouldn't be wise. But anywho I've already started looking for other avenues of work. But i've had such a strain of bad luck lately... not to mention my lingering skin condition.
So why don't I post up the miniscule things I've done so far? I won't bother putting up the little things like reviews and insignificant pictures. Although our Food editor tells me my photos for their pizza tasting competition were some of the best dining pics we've had... too bad the story was shelved. Heh, how's that for you.
But anyway check out the pics i've taken if you're interested: My photo blog