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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

US Democrats: patriotic or not?

The desire to bring US troops back home may be the biggest reason why the Democrats took control of both Houses.
But given the daily carnage in Iraq, especially Baghdad, would withdrawal of US forces be prudent? After all, it was the US that started the mess, and they should send more to clean it up. Why should the sole responsibility lie with the still young and tattered Iraqi forces? I'm not saying their cowards, after all who wants to see your fellow countrymen/women getting killed over a faulty war?
Several polls show Americans becoming increasingly sceptical of Bush's plans and the desire to get troops out of there. Yes, the majority of the public were duped in believing Iraq had WMD's (remember Powell's hilarious picture cards?), and were so gung ho about getting those 'terrorists', now oh, because casualities are mounting they can't stomach anymore. Well war is war, and casualties are expected, you can't just leave this mess to the Iraqis themselves. I say send the whole goddamn Army, Navy, Airforce and Marines there to sort it out!
US officials also claim that they and Iran are fighting a 'proxy' war in which Iran supplies Iraqi militias with advanced weaponry, such as mines capable of knocking out Abrams tanks, while maintaining diplomatic neutrality. Bush on National Public Radio warned Iran to 'back off', which is funny since the US did the same thing in WW2 by supplying tonnes of supplies and equipment to the Allies while still 'backing out' of the war for the time being. What goes around comes around I guess.

Saturday, January 20, 2007


Our fiesty little documentary on graffiti culture, Tagspotting, has been shortlisted for both the I Shot Hong Kong festival and the more prestigious IFVA (Independent Film and Video Awards).

Friday, January 19, 2007

Big Bother indeed...

Poor Shilpa Shetty, bet that spoilt Bollywood princess didn't see this coming? And FYI, she is actually spoilt as being on this show is the first time she had to anything by herself. Great research guys.
Who would've thought a fat hunk of vile white trash like Jade Goody could stir up such a heated Anglo-Indian (and international) debate since I dunno, Indian independence?
With over 22,000 complaints to the UK's broadcasting authority, Ofcom, do you think Jade Goody and the other white trash contestants are going to receive a warm welcome when they get evicted? They of course know their presumably racist comments will be heard and seen by millions of viewers, and even with the soul-less UK tabloids stirring things up, you have to think if they would put their otherwise dangling careers on the line for saying such things, or was it pre-meditated? After all, Big Brother's ailing ratings have shot up almost four-fold up to 4.5 million since the racist profanity.
And did you look at those aimiable Indians buring effigies of the evil whities? Ha, great stuff. Gotta burn something right?
I wonder what UK-Indians are feeling about this, didn't see them burning anything though.
But rest assured, in this Attention Deficit Disorderly world of ours, this'll blow over like the Danes' Muhammad cartoons and Pope Benedict's rant on Islam. Who benefits in the end? Fucking Big Brother. Bet every smart-ass TV executives are slapping themselves why they didn't think of this earlier?
But now for some reason Shilpa admitted that there wasn't any racial motivation. Ooh bad move, now you've lost the sympathy vote.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Film-making meet-ups in HK

If you're interested in making independent films, or just like to learn the ropes, check out Hong Kong's own Filmmakers, Writers and Actors Meetup
I've never really bothered with these online engagements before, but since it's mainly used by expats or and how should I say, internationlised locals? And especially since Hong Kong's small and easy to get around, it's not difficult to get like-minded enthusiasts together, and to learn/make indy films.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Beckham goes to another galaxy

Mel pretty much summed up in the newscast the absurdity of Beckham's new deal with the LA Galaxy: "The average player in the American soccer league earns US$11,700 a year, Beckham will match that in two hours with his US$250 million contract!!
He pretty much lost the plot already when he started saying "soccer" instead.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

The secret life of...

A falling plastic bag.

I was bored waiting on a film set, okay?

Henderson does it again...

Well, Henderson Land comes out with another form of their sickly borgeoise TV spots for their new 'Beverly Hills' residences in Tai Po. This time they went all out with elaborate scenes in Paris, horse carriages, 19th century-style sets and not to mention another Miss Universe Natalie Glebova... my God, how does all this crap relate to Beverly Hills?? Does it have a bridge on the river Seine with a massive gothic Cathedral and garissoned by imperial French soldiers? I don't fucking think so! What fuckstick advertising executive thought up of this drivel?

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Monday, January 01, 2007

Welcome to the Fold

Hong Kong's officially joined the club of public places banning indoor smoking.
Some dumb broad on TVB Chinese News was saying how going outside of a bar/club for a cigarette is a real mood-killer and general ditzy complaining... well get used to it biatch!
Coming back here was quite a reality check, braving the elements and struggling to light up against the wind...