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Sunday, January 18, 2009

This one's for the kids

Here's how professional I was today, I completley mixed up Sunday's peace rally with today's UNICEF gathering, both at Victoria Park. Called the organiser up and sounded like a complete eejit.
Ah well, at least photographing kids in the shadows was kind of fun. I find kids to be hit-and-miss at times. They can be incredibly candid because of their youthful playfulness and all, but they're equally as fast as to pull a 'victory' sign once the lens is on them.
The snaps also made me reminisce about childhood, strengthened by an ad campaign I watched recently by a Singaporean NGO to raise awareness about racism - how children are 'colour blind' and don't have the sense to distinguish race. Growing up in a predominantly caucasian environment of course made me all too aware of the notion of racism. I'm sure that played a profound role in developing my personality. Hey, at least I can say I definitely am not racist!
It also made me remember a Palestinian childhood friend of mine who lived in my neighbourhood. Umar was his name. Unlike kids nowadays, we didn't have email or mobile phones back then.
I find it quite poignant when thinking about my childhood. Certain friends gone and disconnected now. All those dreams once dreamed forgotten and never realised. Hobbies and toys once so playfully enjoyed now long discarded. That sense of childish naivite and innocence now adulated by notions of career, social status, love and everything in between. That's why we have to make sure kids these days actually enjoy being kids.