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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Asian Naff Awards

The Asian Film Awards was an awful affair! Come on, stop copying the Oscars with the grandeur Western stage and outfits. Asia film deserves better.

No teleprompter - come on, the only people who get away with cue cards is the best man making jokes at his friend's wedding.
Bad translators - A few examples: Johnnie To made a joke about thinking he came here to receive an award rather than to present one in Cantonese, but the translator said it without the comedic flair, and ending up making Johnnie sound like an arrogant prick. Also, the translators would sometimes interrupt.
Poorly co-ordinated - Some guests were clueless what to do and where to go.
Distasteful MC (David Wu) - Dave, Brazilian is not a language, and fire that cameraman who shot that awful angle of you. And where the fuck did Karen Mok go??

I hope someday there'll be an Asian Razzie Awards.