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Saturday, September 08, 2007

Interviewed a rather down-to-earth musician for a vidcast yesterday.
Anabel, aka 'Ama', is a Chinese musician with Odyssey Music Group with a jazz/soul taste.
While she says she does have worldly influences like Chet Baker, she does admit fitting into the category of a 'pop star'.
Which is a shame, considering her knowledge of painting/fine art propels her further than most dim Cantopop stars. Luckily she went to international school and studied abroad, so her English was pretty good.
But what impressed me most - and also impressed her - was that after I told her I was Irish, she claimed her dream was to go to Ireland, and have a pint in an Irish pub!
That automatically scores points with me.

Visit OMG's website for my details about her.

Vidcast will be published along with Young Post's article on 21st September.