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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

All for just those few minutes...

So I've been filming (and loitering) at the three-day equestrian events since Saturday and I must say I'm glad it's all over.
Waking up at 6am three days in a row really did me in. Made me realise just how programmed I am as an afternoon-waker - considering at work at 3 and nothing's really open till late afternoon.
The event was certainly a good experience and an eye-opener as to how frantic working in the media can be. After sitting on the sidelines as my ex-colleagues from ATV go on the media prowl and scuffle for interviews - I stayed in the office - I now need to cope with this work type at SCMP sometimes, and man, I wish I was a little taller! Some jockeys I interviewed were tall and I had a tough time adjusting the camera. Or maybe I should just stop using that big-ass camera.
I'm sure it'll be even more frantic when the real thing comes along next year, hopefully I'll get a pass upgrade and a henchman to help carry my stuff.
Pity about the Irish team though, they completely bailed out of the event and still don't know why. Good to see the Irish flag waving in the stadium though.

Here's a new video to wrap up the events, three more focusing on each of the competitions will be released later this week. Unfortunately I couldn't stay for the remainder of the show jumping and victory ceremony, can you believe I had to head all the way back to the office and edit the damn thing... didn't get home till 1:30.