[chinese blood, irish heart] - DEFUNCT: Who's Sa Dingding?

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Who's Sa Dingding?

You might noticed this poster around... I first noticed it about a week ago, just passing glances, and bam, got to meet her today.
There is certainly something unique about this new artist on the block... Her music is quite enchanting and since I have a weakness for electronic beats, it does rate highly with me.
However after shifting through Universal's press kit and the interview a Post reporter and I had with her, she even dressed the part! Donning some oriental frock, a shiny ornament on her forehead and hehe even a Palestinian scarf. I got the feeling Universal is packaging her to the extreme, hence can't help but feel her image is a tad gimicky. Apparently she's a big practioner of Buddhist meditation, yoga and can speak Tibetan, Putonghua, Sanskrit, and get this, she even created her own language called 'Lagu Lagu'.
Wish her all the best, her album "Alive" debuted today.
I've got a lot of footage to play around with, but should be fun incorporating the media Universal provided. Vidcast will be released next week.