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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Hectic media day

Looks like the shitty weather didn't cancel the equestrian trials... but it did get delayed so yay a few extra hours sleep. That stuipid motherfucking typhoon just had to make a U-turn didn't it?! It was bad enough I couldn't buy any rain gear yesterday due to T8, so it was just frustrating trying to stay dry and managing all my clunky equipment by myself. And goddamn it, my press pass didn't give my 'broadcast' credentials so I can't get into certain areas that would be worth filming like the training course, or VIP booths to score any high-class soundbites.
The press area for the 'whites' was pretty poor... and I don't mean white people but white passes, as opposed to the higher-credential reds and blues. It was a pretty narrow (and uncovered) platform overlooking the venue, but the surface was shaky and everytime someone walked by it was like a fucking mini earthquake. And don't get me started on the so called 'press centre,' it was packed like an Indian train!
But thankfully, the videos I'm doing aren't news related so there's less pressure to try and stay updated all the time. Bloody hell not looking forward to another early morning tomorrow... and to Fanling this time!

Coming back and watching the news, some 100 unionists/iron workers went on a rampage in Central after talks with government officials didn't help. Marching all the way from To Kwa Wan in the rain was pretty commendable. Another WTO style effort by the broadcasters... though I would've preferred to be there.

Hahaha I just saw a video of the South Korean hostages in Afghanistan - the fucking eejits were dancing and singing (presumably in some Christian jive) to a bunch of stiff-looking muslims. They're either really brave or think God would really protect them, pfft.