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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Feeling the heat

Foreign reporters are beginning to show frustration at BOCOG's apparent bias against them. AFP had a story about reporters complaining about lack of access to star Chinese athletes, whereas state media get all the bites. So I ask this: why do they care about interviewing Chinese athletes? Surely respective media organisations would care about their compatriots more? So then I realised it was just the wire agencies complaining about this. In that case I don't give a fuck about their problems!
I have nothing personal against the competent journos and snappers of AP, AFP and Reuters but it's just that I hate seeing us using their material in principle (including the government automatons at Xinhua). I would say almost half of our stories/photos are wire material. Think how more pluralistic and diversified news out there would be if all major newspapers can fork out for their own correspondents/photographers around the world. It's just sad seeing papers using the same wire material for breaking news and stuff. I've been irked many times when our paper used wire photos for the front page... on local stories!! Most recent memory was of the USS Kitty Hawk, goddamn I guess I wasn't even angry, just disappointed.
Back to the main topic: the government does seem to be u-turning on its promise to allow unprecedented freedom to foreign journalists, Tibet still being off limits. The stooges just seem to keep making up new restrictions and barriers for journos. Being in a gray area myself, I am just so damn curious to see how it plays out.