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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Me with Mr. John Sweeney of BBC Panorama near Tiananmen Square. I'm not so easily star-struck by celebrities and such, but for journalists it's a whole different matter. These are people who really earn their money.

I have not seen Panorama since I left Ireland and it was only a recent YouTube video I watched of John that refreshed my memory of him (Or else I probably wouldn't have recognised him as he was crowded around by Iraqi football fans). Though what I was really surfing for on YouTube on that boring day at the office were TV reporter bloopers, and that infamous clip of John screaming at a scientologist popped up. Great stuff.

He and his producer told me some horror stories about being tailed by black Audi's and their hotel room being broken into. Though they didn't tell me the plot of the programme I understood their caution. Though I can certainly make a big guess! Media freedom, torture, Sichuan etc. He tells me that once it's broadcast on 4th August (4 days before the Olympics), China may well blacklist him and the BBC will certainly get some flak. Which would be awkward since BBC's one of the broadcasters at the Games.