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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Taken at Beijing railway station. Having just installed an x-ray machine at the entrance for the ticket office, a cop dozes off at the screen. Yes ladies & gentlemen, officer sleeps-a-lot here to protect and serve... in his fucking dreams he is! And why would a ticketing office need x-ray machines? The main entrance to the station didn't even have any! I swear, moments after I snapped it a senior police officer walked past and saw him but didn't even say a word. Could it just be this one guy that provokes this generalisation of slackness? No, I have seen enough in the 2 months I've been here to feel very insecure, if indeed there was a threat of course.
Apologies for the blurriness, had to take it on the sly with my camera phone while pretending to be talking on it. Nearby security guards wouldn't like me snapping away.
I'm particularly aghast at lax security in Beijing and I have on a few occasions personally put that to the test. Nothing too illegal, don't worry! The scaremongering about Tibetan and Xinjiang terrorists may all be bullshit but when you have muppets like him not doing his job properly it just tears me up inside! They purchase all these expensive x-rays and beef up security like its martial law, and yet many guards are so tardy and astonishingly young too. I think their aptitude tests consist of colouring within the lines or some shit...