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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Curse of the Olympic fuwas: Omens or pure coincidences?

Either way, the fuwas' connection to a string of disasters this year in China is too intriguing to ignore. First off I don't believe in omens since they attribute beliefs in a god/gods or supreme beings. But I will still analyse the facts from different sources...

Jingjing: a panda connected to Sichuan, the site of the Woolong panda preservation facility = Sichuan earthquake

The panda is the national symbol of China as well as an international symbol of environmentalism. Could China's massive cosumption of filthy coal and other environmental degredations be connected? On another note, a Chinese seismologist, Li Shihui from the Chinese Academy of Sciences said he had earlier predicted the earthquake would occur but American scientists described it as an 'oddity', saying they had been monitoring seismic activity in the region for over a year without any hints.

Huanhuan: a fire-bearing creature = Controversy over Olympic torch relay

The character's head piece comes from a design in the Mogao Caves of the famous Chinese Buddhist grottoes. Which begs the connection to Tibet since most protesters of the relay were so-called 'pro-Tibetan'.

Yingying: a rare antelope species originating from Tibet = Tibetan riots

Nini: a kite referencing to the Kite City of Weifang = train collision that killed 70 and injured 436

Beibei: a rare sturgeon fish originating from the Yangtze river = floods in Southern China and the death of one of five sturgeon fish which were presented as 'Olympic gifts' to Hong Kong.

The sturgeon fish was eaten by a barracuda only 2 days after they were given to Hong Kong. Baffled officials at Ocean Park say in the 10 years the barracudas had been kept there, they've never shown any aggression before.