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Friday, July 04, 2008

Not a pro or anti-China comment...

I'm starting to think there's a subconscious conspiracy against China, especially from western intellectuals/writers (yes, like me). It's like some they view China with scorn, jealousy and a bit of snobiness (spotted some colleagues already). They deliberately poke holes at China for the sake of it. It's like okay, the Olympics are coming up, it's prime time to make them look bad to the world... Where does it come from? Is it because they're jealous of China's rising dominance? They don't like the idea of a powerful non-white, non-democratic country? They feel their notions of democracy and civil rights gives them the authority to lambast? Most wire and foreign stories I read tinge with criticism. And sure, articles ought to criticise but I really wonder how their ideology and mentality leans. I really doubt if they go out there and fetch news with a purely 'objective' nature. I should start questioning another foreign journos next time on it. You find me a purely objective journalist!

Although I don't approve of many things the central government does, but if over a billion of its inhabitants are complacent and not too fussed about their apparent harsh policies, who am I to judge? Oh, and you might say that's because they've been brainwashed and lack the critical thinking needed... Really?? You think they're too dumb to know they're being oppressed? Pah, even if some do feel that way I won't be surprised if they're still complacent. With the permeation of western values you'd think lay people already know what democracy is? Or have you thought they actually don't want that? They know how their country is run.

An old Chinese-saying goes: 'Every family has its own rules'. I'm sick of foreign journos riding high on a pedestal like they're fucking saviours and bastions of democracy. Why don't you go home and fix your own country's problems first... because YES! No country's perfect!! Even democracies!!!