[chinese blood, irish heart] - DEFUNCT: Unusually clear day yesterday... and sweltering

Friday, July 04, 2008

Unusually clear day yesterday... and sweltering

Once again BOCOG herded us journos like sheep for an excursion to the yet opened Olympic Forest Park. But yesterday was by far the worst co-ordinated. Before I begin complaining bear in mind it was almost 40 degrees Celsius under a blaring sun. Firstly the timing was tight as it took quite a while to get to the Park from the Media Centre. There would be a presser at the centre 1.5 hours later, giving us little time to do our work at the Park. As the PR lackey conveyed on the coach telling us we'd only have 20 minutes... so it begs me wondering why they picked such a tight schedule??
Anyway, once we got there it was chaos. The cops kept us outside for 10 minutes, blocking other visitors and leaving us baking in the sun. OK, then we pack the parking lot when they realise there's not enough carts for all of us. There was no queue, every one was for the themselves clamouring onto them. And then they got delayed, we were waiting here and there with no air con.
We took the carts to the highest point known as 'Tian Jin' or heavenly view. It was quite impressive. Even more so since we could see Bird's Nest almost a mile away on an actual clear day!! The last batch of journos returned to the Media Centre and the presser was delayed by over an hour. If that day wasn't hard enough, I had to do an all-nighter to edit two videos for today. I literally collapsed when I got home. Enjoy.