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Sunday, August 17, 2008

A brief lull lately

I should've seen this coming. Ever since the Games started, this entire week has been very uneventful for me. I missed two key protests by Tibetan activists which would've made good video. It's also been quiet on the news front since most is dominated by sports coverage. So from now on I've had to come up with my own stories to do and stop relying on the editorial side to spoonfeed me all the time. So after a brief creative lull, I've finally got some ideas going. And although the days have been tough it's good to have something going again.

It's only one more week till the closing ceremony and I shall endeavour to do as much as I can. Hell, I haven't enjoyed a proper day off in a month. I'll sleep when I'm back in Hong Kong!
Speaking of the 'aul SAR, I've realised how lethargic I was back there compared to how I'm operating now. I always complain it's because there's a dearth of interesting stories to do in HK (I don't even read the City Section of our paper), and the most sensational ones are celebrity scandals or other inane subjects. But deep down I feel that's been my excuse to not really go out and explore, and instead rely on our editorial team to feed us stories. It's just that when we're on our shift duties we're mostly confined to our computers so we don't have much room or time to do our own material. For the past year it has kind of dumbed down by craving for real life stories. Subjects like adversity, tragedy and anything quirky really attracts me. And I know there's plenty of these in HK. It just gets dissolved within the shiny facade of our city. I must shape a new mindset for myself when I return.

The motive for completely changing my mindset is because well, every day gone is a day wasted if you're not aiming to achieve something. I fear I may succumb to a 'normal' and constrained life of work and socialising, instead of being that freedom-loving, outwardly and creative individual I cherish to be. I've chosen this path to be a journalist/multimedia producer and cannot imagine myself doing anything else. Yet sometimes I feel I take it for granted. One must always strive to improve and know that you're always on a path of learning.