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Thursday, August 14, 2008

There will be... must be a shitstorm after this

In the first instance of violations against media freedom during the Olympic Games, a British reporter from Independent News Television (ITN) was manhandled and detained while covering a Free Tibet protest near the Olympic Green.

This is another blatant act by police to clamp down on foreign journalists DESPITE China's promise of free, unhindered reporting of the Games! I hope the international media would have a bigger field day than how they responded when my colleague Felix Wong was detained last month. I don't mean to play the race card but this is after all, the first instance where a 'white' journalist has been detained in public. Before this, two Japanese photographers were allegedly beaten while covering the Xinjiang terror attacks.

On a more personal note of course I'm upset that I wasn't there when it happened. There's been a dearth of stories to cover as all the news is centered on sports now. I need to do something!!