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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Liverpool: European Champions

Against all odds, Liverpool have become the European Champions for the fifth time.
After being one goal down from legendary Maldini after 50 seconds of kick-off, they were hampered again with another two goals from Crespo by the second half. AC Milan literally tore the team apart and outclassed them in every way during the first half.
And can you believe from 54th and 60th minute, two glorious goals from Gerrard and Smicter followed by Alonoso's rebound from a penalty! Never has there been such a courageous come-back in a European final.

AC's Shevchenko missed big time when Dudek saved his shot from ultra close range during extra time.
And what better way to raise the tension with a penalty shoot out during a final? This time it is Liverpool's goalkeeper Dudek who denies Shevchenko's last penalty and wins the game. No doubt his reputation as European Football Player of the year is tarnished.
Truly one of the greatest football matches I have ever seen. Hey if George Hamilton says: 'I have been covering European finals since 1979, I never seen anything quite to beat this,' who's to argue?