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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Back to square one?

My skin condition now is questionable.. people keep asking me am I getting better but I don't have a straight answer. A few days ago my right foot flared up again, a week before my sole had been completely free of any vesciles. Oh yeah by the way I seem to be diagnosed of a particularly complicated form of Athlete's foot called 'Vesicolor Tinea Pedis,' which has also triggered a similar form on my palms. But this flare up I'm determined to keep under control with better lotions, unlike last time. Man that was horrible!
After going back and forth, and with the recent flare up I'm wondering if I should find a new doctor or treatment. And so I got some new type of Chinese medicine that is designed for my condition and other eczema. It's made by a Chinese herbalist who specialises in skin conditions and I think i'll give him a bell tommorow.
This whole thing is really giving me a hard time. I've been resting at home and haven't been going out much, but I feel as if i've rested too much (or slept too much) that i'm getting a weird form of backward fatigue. Not to mention the lack of exercise and fresh air. And Hong Kong isn't exactly the best place for either.