[chinese blood, irish heart] - DEFUNCT: 2 weeks till full recovery!

Saturday, November 19, 2005

2 weeks till full recovery!

Well my skin condition has improved considerably in the past 2 weeks. The Chinese doc's medicine really is worth the 5 hour coach ride! And that's only a single journey, also through China's treacherous roads.. any Irish driving instructor would have a heart attack if they saw how these people drove. My mom went with me too for the craic. Even though she wasn't sick or has any ailments, she went to for a check-up with my doc and found out she has some problems with her kidneys- apparently she's at an intermediate stage of kidney failure! Doc said she was lucky she came early to see him or else the damage would've gotten to a stage where she needed a kidney transplant or something.
Just came back again from the doc's to get 2 weeks medicine, which he says will take me to full recovery, so things are looking bright!
So anyway, the WTO people's action week is just around the corner and I've finally made contact with the Hong Kong People's Alliance on WTO, arranging documentation work and of course making new contacts.
The new apartment's looking real nice now, most of its built up so all that's left to do is choosing wallpaper and installing the doors. Should be all nice 'n cosy by the end of this month, unfortunately my mom will be leaving before it's all completed.
So all in all I'm preparing to shed the horrible memories of the past 3 months and prepping myself for the WTO events, it's gonna be one helluva week.