[chinese blood, irish heart] - DEFUNCT: Hong Kong's CentreStage- Are you white enough?

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Hong Kong's CentreStage- Are you white enough?

What's the deal with all the new commercials for these ultra high class real estates? The one pictured above for 'CentreStage' living in Central only featured Caucasians. Not that I have anything against white people but when you have ads like these running on TVB primetime it kind of leaves the 99% Asian community feel left out.
So it is strange that CentreStage's developers, the Henderson Group, is an ethnically Chinese organisation yet their commercial notoriously leaves out Asians of any kind. Are they saying only Caucasians can afford this kind of high class living? That non-Asians are less financially succesfull? Is there a non-Asian elite that is more superior than the Chinese? Or is it just these particular models suited the director and they coincidentally happened to be Caucasian?
Whatever their agenda is the cultural and psychological damage has been done. Granted, a lot of Chinese here may not take much notice to this sham but I fear this media discrimination may become an acceptable norm. Since I arrived in HK over a month ago, I haven't see this ad run at all this week and I hope it's gone for good. But no... cue the hyperbolic 'CEO Living' estate which again features a dominant Caucasian prescence. Is their logo 'Are you Ready' so difficult to say in Cantonese?