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Monday, August 21, 2006

The broadcasting authority TV ad...

There's a TV ad outby the Broadcasting Authority to notify citizens about 'improper' programming and how to make a complaint.
There's three scenes:
A young girl with her parents - she flinches when she see's some violent scenes (audio of fighting sound effects)
Another youngish girl listening to a radio who seems to fear for her life at something...
And an elderly couple - the woman covers her husband's eyes, obviously something pornographic.
They then proceed to make their complaints and everybody lives happier ever after etc. It seems to picture a very bland, censored age we live in.

What the hell happened to free choice? Is Hong Kong such a victorian society that can't handle the odd violence, sex and profanity? If people don't see or hear something you don't like, CHANGE THE CHANNEL dumbasses. We live in a free society (OK, well psuedo) and there's plenty of other ways our children can be exposed to violence, sex and profanity other than the mass-mediums.

To add insult to injury, here's a quote from the BA's chairman Daniel Fung:
"We cherish freedom of expression in the community.
For this reason, we eschew any pre-censorship of broadcasting material."