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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Standards of enlighs... English

So some fuckshit called Kevin Blackburn in Wan Chai squealed to the SCMP complaining about a subtitling mistake I did for last week's Newsline.
In all fairness, it was real careless of me forgetting to check up on that word 'war-count,' he actually said 'walk-out.'
When you have to squeeze in Newsline and helping out with the sub-editing on the same day, let's just say it takes a mental toll on you. I know it's not a viable excuse for such an erroneous mistake. However I subtitled every other poxy word accurately, even with one of the guest's broken english and then this shit-head gives out this spiel in his letter about the poor standards of English - all because of a little mistake?
I can take the criticism when it's directed at me only but his letter made the whole department look bad and worse made me an embarrasment in the face of the editors. (they're not perfect either anyway.)
And his spiel about the 'standards of english'? Who the fuck do you think you are, a fucking walking-talking Oxford dictionary??
ATV is one of the few establishments that genuinely pursues 'pure English,' unlike all those other Americanised mediums which shall remain un-named.

Didn't even have the balls to forward us the complaint. Preferred to see your pathetic little sentiment printed on the paper hmm?
This is Hong Kong and English is always going to be a second, or even a third lanugage. So if you think the standards here are so crap then why don't you hightail it and go back to the West you fucking cheebye gweilo F.I.L.T.H.