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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Delay No More!

Oasis Airlines finally got the gasp of air they were so desperate for. The Ruskies finally gave approval for access of their airspace after a sudden turn-around last night during Oasis' maiden voyage. What a PR disaster! Even the marketing executives were on board. You have to wonder if any of the big airlines were in on this? I concede this as a *very* generalised opinion but a lot of Russian civil servants are corrupt... a friend of a friend who was leaving the country was stopped by an airport customs-whatever guy and when he handed him his passport, the Ruskie took it, turned around and put his hand behind his back to indicate he wanted money for the procedure! Can't remember how much he had to bribe him for, but that was just ridiculous. Anywho I went off on a tangent... Speaking of flights, I've finally churned out my hard-fought annual leave (+ no pay leave) to go back to Ireland for eight days: 24th-1st. Wasn't the two weeks I was looking for because I had initially wanted to quit ATV by December, but because my massage therapies and medical check-ups have all been pre-booked for the next four or five months (all in the morning) -and also because this job gives me the time to do that - I reckon I should finish the therapies before I quit. Oh yeah, plus I don't have another job down the pipeline yet!