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Friday, July 20, 2007

Latest vidcasts

This one to mark World Refugee Day has been delayed for over a month, but heck it's finally here. They were some actual refugees that made an appearance that day, so we had to avoid filming them.

"Marking World Refugee Day"

Here's a rather boring one I did for the new design of Tamar. Equally, if not more boring was my voice over!

"Tamar gets its new look"

Now here's a shoot that was filled with obstacles - filming in the open lounge of the SCMP office with several Posties walking around, washing dishes, using vending machines... ugh, luckily the segments I used didn't have too much annoying background noise. And that mingin' TB photographer who made a fuss about me filming the photoshoot, apparently thinking I would mess up her concentration. Bollocks.
Anyway, Eternity Girls are a self-proclaimed Christian pop group that aims to spread the gospel, Cantopop style. Can't say I approve of both elements, and I dunno, they seemed to snigger a lot when they talk about their 'praying', and other subjects which were cut out. Kinda made me feel they were bullshitting.

"God's full-time singers"

Here's one started ages ago but I put on the finishing touches. So no, I wasn't at the filming. But hmm, my favourite model is the one that comes out during the first set of captions @:50'

"Showing off China's textile might"