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Monday, December 17, 2007

It's even a medical situation...

As part of my weekly routine to see my herbal doctor, I thought to myself, why not ask him to check my heart rate since it's been acting weird lately.
I certainly wasn't feeling optimistic when he told me I had an abnormal heart beat, which is caused mainly by stress. He asked if I ran over today, because it seemed like my heart was beating unusally fast, even though I had been sitting there waiting for an hour.
I told him I've been feeling rather shitty these past few months and although he knew what I was talking about, he told me it's something he cannot help me with. Though he did add a few extra herbs to my usual concoction that can help regulate my heart beat a bit better.
Although this abnormality is not rare, especially among children, he says it can be somewhat health-threatening in middle-aged people and over.
Well that's just fucking great, it's now officially become a medical problem as well.
So today, I decided to go for a run to try and clear my head and try to create a diversion for my heart! I ran for as long as I could till I almost broke down, and I know my legs are going to hurt like hell tomorrow. But for those 45 minutes I felt great relief because I had only one thought, and that was too run for as long as I could. And my heart was thumping away so hard I seemed to have distracted it temporarily.
Guess I'll just run everyday then.