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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Quick update on work...

I met Carl Lewis at a Budweiser party! Actually I had been waiting all night for Michael Phelps who had won his eight medal but the bastard was a no-show. Oh well, Lewis is definitely a great consolation!

This video on scalpers was a bit ad-hoc. I was a bit low on story ideas so I thought this might make a good filler. Not much of a story to it really other than that BOCOG are blatantly ignoring their own laws. Very professional.

Interview with Singaporese director Tan Siok Siok who produced a charming documentary on Beijing and the Olympics called Boomtown Beijing.

Sigh, not long left till this Olympic adventure comes to an end. I have at least two more videos incoming before I bid farewell to the Beijing Bureau. It's been... emotional. Right now I'm looking for a short holiday somewhere in the motherland. I've always wanted to go to Tibet but since the whole riot spiel, tourism is very regulated and I know I'm not going to see the 'real' Tibet. And Xinjiang! Well, those apparent terror attacks have certainly put that restive region on the map.