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Monday, June 20, 2005

Trial of the Century??

Well I feel so much better that the Michael Jackson trial is over..
Not to brag but I always thought he was innocent. Given the fact he was brought to court some years ago over the same allegations, would he stuipid enough to let himself be set up like that again? OK so he likes sleeping with children, that's not a crime. It's weird alright but I'm sure there are others like him out there and are not child molestors.
I hate the 'Jacko Wacko' term, this crude derogatory term befits a tabloid or gossip magazine but it's definitely not for broadsheets. But sadly that's not the case, it's rife among the likes of Irish Times or Sunday Tribune. Shame. And why has this been dubbed the 'trial of the century' when it's only 2005?? You media hacks are all drama queens. Are you now all satisfied with your Jacko jokes? If so let the poor man alone and rebuild what tatters of life & career he has left.

One thing that did seriously annoy me was that bleach-blonde muppet Sean O'Kane outside the court room holding the tri-colored placard saying 'Ireland believes in you!' He left his job in Liverpool and hitch-hiked his way to California.
*Ahem* Firstly you're from Liverpool and you were born in Derry and you have no right saying something like that for us!
Pffftt, trial of the century, more like muppet of the century. Now can we all get back to watching the Confederations Cup?