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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

10 days late!

Just realised it's my blog's one year anniversary. Er, one year and 10 days ago anyway...

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Sup Ed

dE: You look fucking exhausted man.
Ed: Tell me about it. It's been a mentally challenging week. It started off nice & slow, but then I was tasked to help start up this new magazine. So there's a lot of pressure to put some good stuff on the table or else it ain't gonna fly. I also went to open classes at HKU during the evenings. Then I had to shuffle back home and make my damn medicine. Only a few packets left so I gotta do another 5 hour trek to the doc soon.
dE: You've had tougher times.
Ed: Oh hell yeah, but this is truly the first time i've been fatigued since my skin condition got moderatly better, which was a month ago.
dE: So that's a good thing.
Ed: I guess so, I mean I was real fucked up before that. But hey I'm not 100% better yet. Still have at least 2 more months of treatment.
dE: So what's the deal with this new magazine?
Ed: Not sure really... the template is still 'fluid.' But from what I percieved, it's this highly consumerist, hip, ultra-trendy and almost tabloid-like material. In other words, just like any entertainment magazine out there.
dE: So what are you doing for it?
Ed: At first I blurted out 'subvertising.' I researched and asked around a little but there was no trail. So then it evolved into street art, which then I realised it had been done last year. But it didn't touch on the political element. So now after meeting Yan Sham a writer & artist I'm focusing on 'political art.'
dE: It could go in tandem with Universal Suffrage...
Ed: Yes! Yan's art was exactly about that. Now I just gotta dig deeper and find similar minded people. Yeah it's weird living in a place without the right to vote. I miss Ireland.
dE: But is the magazine politically orientated?
Ed: That's the thing. I'm afraid it mightn't be 'hip' enough to talk about politics. The target audience seems to be aimed at 20 somethings, loaded with cash and looking to feed their materialistic and gluttonous desires. Anything too political or social mightn't attract the 'aul advertisers.
dE: Ah, the dilemma of all commercial media.
Ed: It's a shame alright. Hong Kong's in a great geopolitical position to foster democratic movements. It's below the world's biggest media censor and abuser of human rights after all.
dE: But...
Ed: ... you also gotta remember HK's one of the most commercial/capitalist cities- where making money is the only thing that matters. So why would they have time to get and cause a ruckus?
dE: What about the pro-democracy marches in the past?
Ed: I believe in the power of protests. But only if its sustained and properly reported by the media. I've been to quite a few in my lifetime. But all those things they shouted for or had written on their placards, didn't make a bit of difference. Whether it was the EU, Bush, Shell or WTO, all the protests did was make a media spectacle.
dE: Nothing new there.
Ed: So that is why independent media is needed. We have to make alternative, mainstream. Free journalism from commercialism.

Dolls freak me out

Photo accredited to Adam White. T'was my idea tho :)

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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Political quiz

You are a

Social Liberal
(75% permissive)

and an...

Economic Liberal
(23% permissive)

You are best described as a:

Strong Democrat

Link: The Politics Test on Ok Cupid
Also: The OkCupid Dating Persona Test

Honestly one of the worst tv commercials...

For those of you folks who watch late night TV would've come across 'TV Easy', a series of cheap commercials for midnight viewers.
I'm rewatching a classic TV series so I'll always come across these ads. Anyway there's this tutoring/revision school 'Times College Intensive Revision Course' (the pop-up shows the video) that has this abomnibal commercial featuring three exagerrated tutors as characters from the fantasy movie 'The Promise.'
It's tacky and ridiculous. Honestly words cannot describe how bad the concept is, you gotta see it for yourself.
As for the production values, here's somethings to watch out for:
1. You can see the spot light in the background
2. The 'S-Men' guy declares: '3 WORDS- I'LL HELP YOU... GET POINTS!'
3. No sound effect for the sword bearing general character
4. I don't mean to be insulting, but these three are not too easy on the eyes

At first I laughed. But then it just became revolting.

Monday, February 13, 2006

A sad story

A 17 yr old in Iran was hanged for defending herself & her niece against rapists.
She had unintentially stabbed one of the three attackers and had died.
A fucking shit society to live in, unless you're a man of course.
Read more

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Achtung chickens

Hong Kong takes desperate measures by outlawing chicken breeding within its territory while farmers take the brunt.

As Avian flu hysteria spreads globally albeit slowly, Hong Kong is the first to take a hard line approach by forbidding anyone within the SAR to raise chickens. The government kicks off this initiative with a 3 week long slaughter of over a million chickens. No doubt this decision coincided with the ending of Lunar New Year festivities.
The WHO however still stresses HN51 (and other variants) still cannot effeciently affect humans, but does insist it will become a pending epidemic if we do not act soon.
Last Saturday, Greece & Italy reported swans carrying the virus. Yet Health Minister Francesco Storace (Italy) dosen't seem to be scared: 'I don't think we in Italy are in the habit of cooking swans and eating them.'
On a personal note: chickens play an important role in Chinese culture. In Astrology the chicken (or rooster) represents energy & vitality maybe because it used to be nature's alarm clock? I've been seeing many distraught farmers reacting to this situation. Although it may seem funny that they have 'emotions' for their poultry friends, we must not forget that chickens are the main symbol of chinese agriculture and food. When visiting family/friends for dinner it is customary to bring a cooked chicken, it is also used during certain festivals as particularly featured in this year's Lunar New Year.
But what will this initiative do in the long run? HK imports 70% of its poultry from the mainland and they're not exactly well known for safety regulations (no offence). Considering the speed at which the virus spreads and given HK's proximity to the mainland, the odds don't look too good in stamping out Avian altogether.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Press Freedom or just bad taste?

Who knew global politics could be swayed by cartoons? We truly live in interesting times indeed.

Twelve images of a bomb-wearing, knife-wielding crazy Muhammad have sparked quite a controversial affair in the Middle East with protests, death threats, jihad chanting and flag burning.
Drawn by Swedish artists, published by the Danish Jyllands-Posten and subsequently reprinted in Norway, France and Germany, they defended their actions in the name of press freedom. The Danish prime minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen has refused to apologize again for the same reason, but is naturally worried about the boycotting of Danish products now happening. In fact the Danish paper had printed a 'semi apology' while maintaing its right to print whatever it likes- not good enough it seems.
Some media commentators applaud these as symbols against Islam and encourage others to not be afraid in the name of press freedom. As a result several artists have jumped on the bandwagon by creating their own illustrations of Mohammed. You can view some here
I see two forces at work here: Western media organisations finally venting out their disdain of Islam and hiding behind our age old tradition of press freedom. The others are Islamic regimes deliberatly creating anger to gain 'street credit' among fundamentalists. Scandinavians have always been the envy of Europe, hence their stubborness and refusal to apologise will not ease tensions in the Middle East. However a confederation of Danish businesses have asked their Prime Minister to officially apologise in order to lift the ban. So will the Danes stick by their politics at the expense of economic gain?
You can't blame the Muslims for being so pissed. Would Christians do the same if the Turkish Press did the same job on Jesus or God? They live their lives by religious principles and are naturally more sensitive to such depictions while we giggle at the artwork.
Tell ya one thing first the Swedes draw that poxy annoying Frog now this.
Now we wait if fundamentalists take their rage to the next level... looks like Jacques Chirac might get to use his A-bombs after all.